Simple Saratonin Commissions

Wondering about my plans for DAWNTRAIL?
My name is Sara and I have been modding since July of 2022. I love modding and helping people with the things I struggled with to get my OC's exactly how I wanted them.
I specialize in simple 3D model ports -- sculpts, ffxiv hair, horns, ears and tails, teeth and texture editing -- custom colored / designed scales and tattoos. But I am always willing to learn new things and take on a challenge.Commission progress tracking & more examples can be found on my trello.。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆For comissions, please contact me on discord -- saratonin --
or in the Fat Cat Coterie discord!
I host my public mods on xma and ko-fi.


Texture Edits:
Scale Retextures: $20 Minimum
Tattoos: $5-15
Face Paint Edits: $5
Convert UV to Gen3 or Bibo (And vice-versa): $5/Texture
(Included with Tattoo and Scale Edits♡)
Limited Lash or Brow Re-texture: $10
Make-Up Edits & Mash-Ups: $10 Minimum
3D Model Edits:
✎ Sculpt Ports: $25
(Includes Teeth Swap if Desired♡)
Face Sculpting: $15 Minimum
✎ Teeth / Horn / Ear Swaps on Sculpt: $10
Ear/Horn & Tail Combining: $10
Additional $5 if Re-Atlasing is Needed.
FFXIV Hair Ports: $10
(Cross Race / Cross Gender)
✎ Hat Compatibility: $10
Hair Port With Hat Compatibility: $15
Sims 4 Ports: $30, +$5 for additional races.
Combining Menu Items May Result In Discounts, Please Inquire for Details.
✎ - See FAQ for limitation details.

Sculpt Porting & Edits

Cross Gender and Cross Race Ports
I provide racial ports of sculpts & vanilla faces.
✎Sculpt Ports: $25
(Includes Teeth Swap if Desired♡)
Some race limitations due to weights and emote issues.
✎ - See FAQ for limitation details.

Sculpt Edits
Sculpting and Limited Brow and Lash Re-textures.
Sculpting: $15 Minimum, varies with amount of edits.
Some limitations due to weights, especially around eyes.
Brow & Lashes: $10
Make-Up Edits & Mash-Ups: $10 minimum
Working from a limited sheet, or from other faces.

Custom Scales Recolors / Combinations

I can do scale color / pattern edits for T&F and Bibo, and The Body.
Scale Retextures: $20 Minimum
Can be combined with existing tattoo / scars / body texture edits on request.

Gear Edits

I do limited gear mash-ups, adjustments, ports and additions.
Circumstances vary, please enquire.
Piercing / Accessory Adjustments: $5-$10
Piercing / Accessory Ports: $10
Mash-Ups: $10 Minimum
Varies with Compexity

Horns, Tails, Ears & Teeth

I can port hairs from Sims 4, cross race and cross gender port FFXIV hair mods, as well as limited edit-hat compatibility.
FFXIV Hair Ports: $10
(Cross Gender / Cross Race)
Hat Compatibility(if able): $10
Hair Port With Hat Compatibility (if able): $15
Add Ears to Earless Miqo Hair: $10
Mash-ups: Minimum $10
Sims 4 Ports: $30, +$5 per additional race.
Please note that not all hairs will be able to be hat compatible, it depends greatly on how the hair is constructed. The same goes for mash-ups.

Hair Ports & Hat Compatibility

I can racially port and swap ears, combine with tails and swap & edit teeth.
Teeth / Horn / Ear Swaps: $10
✎ Ear/Horn & Tail Combining: $10
Additional $5 if Re-Atlasing is Needed.
✎ - See FAQ for limitation details.

Tattoo Baking & Edits

I can do tattoos for T&F and Bibo, and The Body.
DISCLAIMER: I do not draw my tattoos, I use stock images / images provided by clients. Images need to be solid colored on a white background to use.
I do not claim that any of the art in my tattoo mods are my own.
Tattoos: $5-15
Face Paint Edits: $5

Terms of Service

♡ I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
♡ I do not work on Lala bodies beyond SFW tattoos. I will NOT work on NSFW Lala bodies, even if the mod is SFW.
♡ It is the customer's responsibility to obtain / confirm permissions for mod ports.
♡ I am willing to negotiate pricing and/or deals within reason.
♡ I offer small adjustments and fixes for unnoticed errors.
♡ My turn around time is typically within a week, I normally work on commissions during the weekend. If I expect longer for any reason, I will advise asap.
♡ Payments are accepted through Ko-fi or paypal.
Gposes of my work are super appreciated and well loved.


Why can't you hat compat my hair?
Unfortunately some hairs just can't be made hat compatible(whether it be by my skillset, or simply just limitations within FFXIV). I will usually try a few times to make it work, before cutting loses.
Hat compatibility is achieved by two things, scalp attributes and shape keys.
Scalp Attribute will cause parts with this attribute assigned to not show when a hat is equipped / showing.
Shape keys (for hair) change the shape of the model when at hat is equipped / showing.
There is no limit to how many parts can have scalp attribute, but there is a limit to how many vertices can be moved within a shape key. This makes higher poly / larger hairs somewhat difficult and at times impossible to hat compat, because even the smallest movements in the shape key will reach that limit, due to the sheer amount of points in the hair.
If this is the case, the customer is not on the hook for any charges.
On a rare occasion, I can look at a hair and just tell it will not work -- usually if it's very high poly and massive -- in these rare cases, it will not be attempted. If I have a shred of hope, I will try.
What are the limitations off adding/combining parts to my sculpt/tail/ears?
There are two main issues / limitations I encounter with adding parts to a sculpt, ear/tail, or mashing up gear.
1. Texture Limit
Models within FFXIV are limited to 4 textures each. This can be worked with at times, but it simply depends on what is being combined and now many different types of textures.
Parts with skin-based textures -- ears, diffuse based horns, scales, etc -- can be combined into a single texture and re-atlas (reassigning where the model is reading the texture from), however colorset based parts -- accessories, colorset based horns, -- cannot be combined with these parts and will need their own textures. Same goes for gear, but it is much harder to re-atlas much of the time.
There are solutions, and ways to work with these regardless, but that is determined on a case-by-case basis as all sculpts/tails/horns are not made the same way.
2. Vertices Limit
This is mostly a concern with higher poly fur tails and ears, but FFXIV models also have a vertices limit. When that limit is reached, it will cause parts to not work properly -- "explode", disappear, read textures improperly--. It is a rare problem, but one that can be encountered nonetheless. There is not much to be done about it to my knowledge.
What are the limitations of porting sculpts?
There are a few, some are my own limitations as a modder, some are just how things work and maybe my own limitations.
1. Weights & Animation Issues
I unfortunately do not know how to weight faces. This can cause problems when porting between races that have very varying faces sizes and expressions in emotes. For example, to and from Viera tends to cause issues because Viera have very expressive emotes.
These issues can present themselves in a variety of ways. Eyes not closing fully when shut, eyes closing "too much" when shut (eyelashes clipping into lower eyeline / upper cheek). Silly / odd expressions in emotes. Usually a sculpt port can be brought to a point where these issues can be seen pretty easily, so I am always willing to try-and-see, and let the customer decide against the port if the issues are too much for them.
2. Neck Seams
Sometimes it is near impossible to get 3D normals to match up, causing light seams. This is because different races - especially cross gender - have different shaped necks and do not line up with the connectors properly, at least in a 3d normal sense. This can be masked at times with texture editing, but can still sometimes persist. Much like animation issues, we can see fairly early on what the "worst case scenario" would be, and then I can try to reduce it from there.


May 28th, 2024Dawntrail is just a month away! I've been holding off on announcing my intentions moving into the new expansion in waiting for people smarter than me to see what can be done about the problems caused by coming updates.
I'm very excited about the changes to the graphics and what that will mean for what we can do for mods.
On a personal side of things, I have blocked off some vacation time for the expansion drop and plan to thoroughly enjoy the expansion with my friends. I do expect mods to be down for awhile, so this likely won't effect modding much as there won't be much I am able to do at that time, but in case there is, I will likely not be active with modding the first several weeks of the expansion.As a modder with a wide variety of services offered, there's quite a few of things I have worked on that will be broken / need updating.
♡I will update materials for packs for my sims hair ports free of charge, though this will likely be handle-able by a update-materials feature in penumbra.
♡I will happily update textures and materials of mash ups (gear, ears, tails, horns, etc~). However, for textures, the original creator will have need to have updated them and those will need to be provided to me. I will not be updating other creators textures. Anything vanilla texture based I will update with the new vanilla textures happily.
♡I will not provide re-dos of 3D face edits to accommodate updated sculpts or vanilla faces. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but if I were to do this I would likely be working for months to get through them. I am willing, however, to work with customers as best I can to reach agreeable terms for re-dos. I really do hope this can be found acceptable.
The TL;DR here is if it's something I made, I will fix it. If it's something I edited, and the resources to fix it are available, I will happily do so. If it's something that would have to be completely redone from scratch, we can discuss.
I will be prioritizing SIMS ports updates, because those are textures I personally made and am responsible for.
Starting (and because of) Dawntrail, I plan to introduce new services.
♡I will likely add a service to re-rig and update sculpts for Dawntrail, my hope is to keep prices low on this in order to make this transition less painful for as many people as I can. But it's a lot of work. Luckily, many talented creators intend do update theirs, but this will be a service for people who cannot or do not want to wait, or for personal sculpts or for old sculpts.
♡I will be venturing more into sculpt making in Dawntrail! I have a plan for a handful of public/free sculpts to get my feet wet and if those go well I plan to go from there.
Public Mods
I am anticipating that most of my mods will likely just need some colorset fixing and some material/texture updates. I will be updating them slowly, but feel free to reach out if there's a specific one in high need. If I know it's wanted, I'll likely try to move it up.
For my poses, the faces will all need to be redone. So I will slowly be working on those, and updating the pose files and previews!
Mods that will need to be completely recreated (such as Earless Elezen) will likely take some time to do, but again, I'm amendable to moving it up if there's a need!
Final Thoughts
The above being said, I am always open to discussion. I understand this will be a hard transition for a lot of people who have grown attached to our mods and or specific looks of our characters and I am always here to help bounce ideas off of, and assist where I am. You can DM, saratonin on dicord, me anytime if you have any questions about anything related to my commissions.
I am very excited for this next chapter in my modding Journey, and I hope my intentions are at very least amicable to everyone.
with love ♡,